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About Cowbridge

Since 1968

The site was purchased by the Cutforth family in 1968 to set up an engineering business, which was successful for over 20 years, employing over 30 people at its peak, but due to retirement the site was redeveloped to form a business park, therefore we have an understanding of all aspects of running a business.

Cowbridge Business Park is a well-known leased property site for business users situated on Boston Road at Cowbridge Boston.

We have improved our site over the years, and continue to do so on a daily basis, offering clients quality built but inexpensive leased offices and commercial units for a variety of users.
We are also keen to demonstrate the quality of our professional administration. We would be very pleased to meet you in person for a no-obligation appointment and property inspection.

Long Running Business

We’ve been at this a while now! So we’ve had plenty of experience with a multitude of needs and requests. As a result, we’re certain we can help you get to where you want to be! 


At Cowbridge we’ve spoken to many people over the years and gotten to know a lot of them well! We love meeting new people and getting to know exactly what they want to accomplish so that we can offer our best services for what they need. 


We’re located just outside Boston, between Skegness and Spalding. If you’re around these areas by all means get in touch and see what have to offer!